Opportunities at InfoSense

Summer Intern 2021

Organization: InfoSense Group, Georgetown University. The InfoSense Group is a research lab within Georgetown University. We are specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Web Search Engines and Recommender Systems. Our mission is to advance research and technology innovation in AI and ML, especially in human-centered AI, where we aim to create novel algorithms, methods, and systems for AI agents to cooperate with humans and make human life better. Our core values are creativity, passion, technical soundness, hard-working, and a whole-person education.

Internship Description: This research internship will last for the entire summer, from late May to late August. We expect the intern to attend weekly or biweekly research meetings, working in project teams with other InfoSense members, including Georgetown professors, Ph.D. students, Master’s students, undergraduate researchers and our collaborators worldwide. We also expect the intern invests 10 to 15 hours on the project per week, including all readings, coding, and new skill development, to yield a fruitful experience. The end product of each project will either be a research publication or a system submitted to participate a national or international AI system competition.

The intern has the freedom to join any ongoing research projects in InfoSense (http://infosense.cs.georgetown.edu/research.html), with the priority to the following projects during summer 2021:

  • Game design and deployment on the Open AI Gym (https://gym.openai.com/) to simulate information seeking (how people find useful information for a complex task such as purchasing a home)
  • Training AI agents, for instances self-driving cars and Amazon Alexa agents, with natural language instructions to personalize their use at home
  • Design and experiment more natural and smarter Interactive Agents, such as Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri
  • Meta-learning and Transfer learning to understand and transfer professional decision-making across different countries. For instance, model, learn and transfer judge’s decisions on environmental protection cases in the United States to Indian.

Recommended Skills:

  • Passionate about AI and ML research; Strong will to change the future of technology and make it better our human life
  • Strong self-learning skills; Ability to dive into scientific literature and pick up new concepts and understand them quickly
  • Be resourceful; able to find solutions by observing daily life, reaching out to online tech forums, reading research papers, or contacting other researchers worldwide
  • Strong mathematics and/or statistics background
  • Strong computer programming skills; Familiar with common types of programming languages; able to quickly pick up a new programming language in 2 or 3 weeks
  • Strong analytical thinking and reasoning
  • Strong reading and writing skills
  • * (For big data projects only) Comfortable to deal with big data; Understand and practice the difference between big data problems and others

If you are serious about Information Retrieval research and/or aim to invent the next big thing on the Web, please contact us at grace.yang@georgetown.edu.