• 2013/3
    Grace presents our work about "increasing stability of result organization for session search" in Moscow, Russia @ ECIR 2013.
  • 2013/2
    Grace co-chairs SIGIR 2013 Doctoral Consortium with Mounia Lalmas and Jaime Arguello.
  • 2012/12
    Dongyi's paper "Increasing Stability of Result Organization for Session Search" has been accepted by ECIR 2013.
  • 2012/11
    Our Contextual Suggestion team won the 2nd position in TREC 2012 Contextual Suggestion evaluation! Congratulations, Andrew, Dave and Steve!
  • 2012/11
    Our Session team won the 2nd position in TREC 2012 Session Search evaluaiton on using queries from the whole session! Congratulations, Dongyi!